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PT Samcro Hyosung Adilestari Tbk

The date of incorporation : March, 1989
Products : Hook & Loop fastener, Webbing Tape, and Laces
Employees : 203 (Office:23 / Factory:±75)
Location : Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.

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PT. Samcro Hyosung Adilestari Tbk started its operations in 1989 in Indonesia and becomes the first hook and loop company in Indonesia with the best quality in the world. Made in Indonesia and applied with korean technologies, specializing In narrow fabrics, diversification efforts have resulted in an expansion of the product line into three distinct items branded Samcro, a registered trademark, hook and loop fastener tape fastener and adhesive, webbing tape, elastic, molded hook, un-napped loop (unloop) and shoelaces after taking over the partnership in 1994.

Having been recognized by the world market, PT. Samcro Hyosung Adilestari Tbk prioritizes quality improvement by striving to develop innovative, superior quality products by offering competitive prices to increase the competitiveness of our clients. Restructuring in various aspects of the entity carried out by the new management team during the monetary crisis at the beginning of 1998 further strengthened its competitiveness to be a more reliable and trusted business partner for our customers and trusted suppliers all over the world.

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Hook & Loop Fastener
All fasteners are prepared, processed, and packed by in – house facilities from scratch.

20 ft container = 40 containers or 40 ft container = 20 containers.
2 million meters of 4” or 100 mm fastener or 8 million meters of 1” fastener.

Webbing Tape: 8.5 million meters of 1” webbing tape.

Jacquard: 2,000,000 meters of 1” jacquard tape.

Shoelaces: 5 million pairs of shoelaces.

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Footwear, Gloves, Garment, Bags, Medical, Aviation, Automotive,
Construction, Chemical plant.


A. Local (Indonesia) :
Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Bogor, Bali, W. Timor, Kelapa Gading, and other major cities in Indonesia.

B. Overseas :
US – CA, IN, NY, NJ, TN, PH, MA, FL State -, Canada, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Cyprus, India, Pakistan, U.K, Belgium, Germany, China, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia.

Under Armor, Adidas, New Balace, Carvil, Tomy Hilfiger, Boss, Mattel, Puma, Gap, Footjoy (Acushnet), etc

Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and etc.

Golf Gloves:
Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, Callaway, Under Armor, Taylor Made, Holy Maestro, Titleist (Acushnet), etc

Standard Packing Style

Samcro products are carefully packaged in transparent plastic bags equipped with easy-open and close lids. Each package is labeled with the brand, size, and type of the product. Products of different sizes or types are packaged separately. The packaging also includes clear usage instructions, protective layers, security seals, and company contact information. Inside the packaging, the products are securely placed with a unique product code and clear warning signs. The packaging is also designed with appropriate size, professional appearance, and environmentally friendly materials. The products are inspected before packaging to ensure guaranteed quality.