Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Lim Sung Pil

The Main Commissioner
Group 304

Kim Seok Jin

Independent Commissioner
Group 304

Chung Tae Sung

President Director
Group 304

Suwardi B Pardi

Group 304

Cahya Wulandari

Group 304


Group 304




According to the deed of establishment, the capital structure and shareholder composition are as follows:

Authorized capital: Rp 702,400,000 (seven hundred and two million four hundred thousand rupiah), divided into 400 (four hundred) shares, with each share valued at Rp 1,756,000 (one million seven hundred fifty-six thousand rupiah).

Issued and paid-up capital: Rp 702,400,000 (seven hundred and two million four hundred thousand rupiah), divided into 400 (four hundred) shares, with each share valued at Rp 1,756,000 (one million seven hundred fifty-six thousand rupiah).



The construction of the factory has been completed, and it has commenced operations with machines, most of which were imported from South Korea and Germany.

With a total of 50 knitting machines, the factory is capable of producing approximately 300,000 meters of hook and loop in the first year.

Many footwear, glove, and toy manufacturing companies have made purchases from the company to reduce import costs for their products while also expediting the product delivery period.


Taking Over a Partnership Company and Adding Two Product Lines

After taking over the partnership in 1994, the company added two product lines, namely hook & loop fasteners, webbing tapes, jacquards, and shoelaces.


The Initial Export of Hook & Loop and Webbing Tape Products

Export growth began as there was a significant increase in demand for the products, especially from Italy, Europe, America, and South Korea. Export sales contributed 50% of the total sales, while the remaining 50% came from the domestic market. Revenue from exports increased by 35% in the following year.

1997 & 1998

Year of Survival

The unforeseen circumstances that were unavoidable occurred when a monetary crisis hit almost every country, including Indonesia. However, this crisis provided an opportunity for the company to enhance its competitiveness through favorable foreign exchange rates, resulting in increased demand from the United States and European Union.

The company actively worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without reducing intensity and speed of work. The company also underwent restructuring in various aspects under the guidance of a new management team. The changes and efforts made during the crisis helped expand the company’s market share overseas and targeted segmentation not only in the industrial sector but also geographically. This period positioned the company to compete with hook & loop manufacturers from China who offered lower prices in the 2000s.


The New Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The company began to show systematic and efficient changes after the appointment of a new CEO with an academic background in Bachelor of Business program from Oregon and a postgraduate program in Marketing from Colorado. The CEO also has previous work experience in the United States.

The inauguration marked the beginning of improving production process efficiency and the dissolution of expensive and inefficient foreign labor, which had been a challenging problem to address. With the issues of employee financing system and lack of marketing strategy, Mr. Chung Tae Sung was appointed as a shareholder and entrusted to lead the company, aiming to become a key player in the industry.


In 2002, the company achieved recognition for quality and obtained ISO/CS A 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2000 certification. With the ISO certification, the company also acquired other quality standards such as ASTM, Satra, Bs, and FAA standards.


Product Development

The integration of China into the WTO had a significant impact on all aspects of business and industry, both domestically and internationally. If China offers cheap products, the company will utilize all its assets and focus on the local market, which contributes less than 30% of the gross revenue. However, if China offers hook & loop prices that are 80% cheaper, the offerings from Chinese companies to foreign consumers will not be sustainable and will pose a threat without competitiveness.


Product Development

Two new products, namely Free Magic and Molded Hook, have been developed and produced for both the domestic and export markets. Over the next 10 years, these two products contribute significantly to sales and profitability.


The Introduction of New Machines and The Expansion of Production Capacity for The New Products

The company added and installed 50 new weaving machines worth over USD 1,000,000 from Taiwan and Germany. The measuring, cutting, and coating machines were also improved and renovated. As a result, the production capacity of hook & loop reached over 1 million meters per month.


Obtaining OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification

The company obtained a significant certification for businesses operating in the garment industry.


Product Development in Collaboration with Seoul University in South Korea

Collaboration and product development of hook & loop with an air transportation assembly company at Seoul National University took place for one year, with plans for continued collaboration in the following year. However, the cooperation had to be halted due to the unfortunate incident of the death of one of the project leaders involved in the development of film-type and silent hook & loop products. As a result, the company decided to postpone the patent application for these hook & loop variations.


Paying Off The Loan of $750,000 Borrowed from Samboo Ltd

The company pays off the loan that has been secured by a majority of the shareholders of Samboo Ltd for over 15 years, aiming to eliminate dependence and burden on Samboo Ltd.


Addition of Testing Machines

Perseroan melakukan pemasangan mesin uji dan analisis senilai USD450.000 yang diimpor dari Korea Selatan. Hal ini merupakan bagian dari investasi Perseroan demi meningkatkan mutu dan kualitas daripada proses pengelupasan dan pemotongan.


The Release and Transfer of Ownership of Samboo Ltd in Korea To a Third Party

Samboo Ltd, which holds 99% ownership of the Company, is transferring all of the Company’s shares to a domestic entrepreneur, including the entire financial condition of the Company at that time, such as debts to suppliers.


Hiring a Design Company for a Consumer Product Project in South Korea

The main objective of the Company in taking this step is to develop packaging design for coin-type hook & loop that can be carried anywhere and used conveniently, thereby reaching a wide range of needs.


The Impact of The Covid-19 Pandemic on Businesses

All businesses in various countries are facing the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, which has led many entrepreneurs to close their businesses, including one of the company’s competitors, PT YKK. This has resulted in the loss of a major competitor for the Company, although the Company itself experienced a decline in sales for several months before recovering in the fourth quarter of 2020.


Returning To Normal Business Operations and Embracing Opportunities

All businesses in various countries are facing an unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in many entrepreneurs having to close their businesses, including one of the Company’s competitors, PT YKK. The Company is preparing to resume sales and marketing efforts that were postponed in 2020 by starting sales through e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, and Bukalapak. The Company has also implemented keyword advertising on Google search, which has proven to generate stable traffic to the Company’s website,

On the other hand, offline sales remain stable and unaffected by the online market. Digital platform-based sales play a crucial role for micro markets that require small quantities of hook & loop, making it more challenging to purchase. Through this update, the Company opens up possibilities for small quantity purchases with premium quality. Due to the small-scale purchases, the Company needs to set higher selling prices compared to sales to finished product manufacturers. However, this market represents a new opportunity that has not been penetrated by any other company before.

Consumers who initially purchased from suppliers to obtain hook & loop can now make direct purchases from the manufacturer thanks to active product sampling, quality inspections, and product customization based on needs during 2020 to 2021. The estimated increase in sales from new consumers could reach 35% of annual sales, compensating for the loss of the Company’s main competitor, despite the Company experiencing a decline in sales for several months before recovering in the fourth quarter of 2020.