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Many of us have dirty hooks but how do we clean them? Maybe this can help you to clean your hook so that it looks like new

Roll a lint cleaner or lint roller over the Velcro adhesive. To remove dirt on the adhesive surface, use a bristle cleaner that you normally use for clothing. Place the adhesive on a flat surface, hold one end, and roll the feather cleaner. Replace the lint roller if needed

Press the tape onto the adhesive surface of the Velcro. Cut the tape the size of your palm so it doesn’t stick together. Place the adhesive on a flat surface and press the tape as hard as possible against the Velcro surface so that the fibers stick to the tape. Hold one end of the Velcro tape, then pull the tape to remove the attached fibers

Use the cutting edge to rub off the velcro adhesive. Place the adhesive on a flat surface and use the teeth of the cutter to rub the Velcro adhesive from edge to edge.

source : wikihow