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Emergency response simulation

Ensuring safety, health, and environmental security at PT. SAMCRO HYOSUNG ADILESTARI Tbk is a top priority for the organization. In line with this commitment, the company recently conducted an emergency response simulation in the production area. The primary objective of this activity was to proactively address and mitigate the potential dangers associated with fires in the workplace.

Emergency response simulations play a crucial role in preparing employees to handle unexpected situations effectively. By focusing this simulation around the production area, PT. SAMCRO HYOSUNG ADILESTARI Tbk aimed to tailor the training to the specific challenges and risks associated with that operational zone. The simulation likely involved testing the response procedures, evacuation protocols, and the utilization of firefighting equipment in a controlled and supervised environment.

Anticipating and overcoming the danger of fire is essential to maintaining a secure working environment. These simulations not only enhance the practical skills of the workforce but also contribute to a heightened awareness of safety protocols. Employees become familiar with the proper use of safety equipment, evacuation routes, and coordination during emergency situations.

By actively engaging in such preparedness activities, PT. SAMCRO HYOSUNG ADILESTARI Tbk demonstrates a proactive approach to safety and emergency management. This commitment is instrumental in fostering a culture where employees are well-equipped to respond swiftly and effectively to potential risks, ensuring the well-being of personnel and safeguarding the integrity of the production area.

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