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At PT. SAMCRO HYOSUNG ADILESTARI Tbk, ensuring the safety, health, and environmental security of its operations is paramount. Recently, the company organized a comprehensive fire extinguishing emergency response simulation to enhance its preparedness in handling potential fire incidents. The primary objective of this activity was to proactively anticipate and effectively address the dangers associated with fires within the workplace.

Conducting regular emergency response simulations is a critical component of a robust safety program. These exercises allow employees to familiarize themselves with emergency protocols, practice coordinated responses, and test the efficiency of fire extinguishing systems. By simulating various scenarios, PT. SAMCRO HYOSUNG ADILESTARI Tbk ensures that its workforce is well-equipped to manage real-life emergencies with precision and confidence.

The simulation likely involved the activation of alarms, evacuation procedures, and the utilization of firefighting equipment. It serves as an opportunity for employees to understand the importance of prompt and organized responses, minimizing potential risks to human life, property, and the environment.

In addition to the immediate benefits of improved emergency preparedness, such simulations contribute to a culture of safety within the organization. They promote awareness, responsibility, and a collective commitment to maintaining a secure working environment. PT. SAMCRO HYOSUNG ADILESTARI Tbk dedication to conducting these simulations reflects its commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its employees and safeguarding the surrounding environment from potential hazards.

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