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Pressure Sensitive

Product Information

Adhesives that are sensitive to pressure, simply pressed a little will be attached.

These product variations can be regular, FR, kiss cut, coin and molded hooks. Our products have been designed to offer specific performance characteristics to meet different requirements. This type can be used for golf gloves, dolls, etc.

Product features

Our pressure-sensitive is an innovative product that offers incredible adhesive strength. With advanced technology, this product automatically adjusts to the applied pressure, providing strong and long-lasting bonding without the need for additional adhesives. With the ability to adhere to various surfaces, both smooth and rough, pressure-sensitive kami is highly suitable for various applications such as cable bundling, panel installation, or item organization. With its reliability and ease of use, this product becomes an excellent choice for precise and efficient bonding.

Type of Use to the Product


Product Types and Product Offerings

 Product Types and product offering

Our product types and product offerings are very diverse and according to customer needs. We offer products such as webbing tape, shoelace, velcro adhesive, cable tie, fire retardant, molded hook, mushroom, pressure sensitive, regular sew-on, strap, and unlooped. Each of our products is designed with high quality, optimal strength, and superior functionality to meet the various needs of fastening, securing, and organizing goods.
We pride ourselves on providing world-class products that excel in performance and durability. In addition, we also offer fast delivery to ensure customers get the desired product in an efficient and timely manner. Quality and speed are top priorities in our service to customers.

Technical Information

Handling & Storage

The Magic Tape Samcro product facilitates efficient handling and storage. With its practical design, users can easily use and neatly store it after use.

Technical Data Sheet

The Technical Data Sheet for the Samcro Magic Tape product provides complete information regarding the specifications and characteristics of the product. Users can refer to it to understand in detail the strength, dimensions, and other features possessed by the Samcro Magic Tape.

Chemical Resistance

Magic Tape Samcro has good chemical resistance, making it safe and effective to use in various environments. Resistant to common chemicals, this product can be trusted for a wide range of applications involving chemicals.


Magic Tape Samcro comes with a quality guarantee that instills confidence in customers. With this guarantee, customers can be assured that the product will deliver reliable performance and meet high standards in everyday use.

Thickness Tolerance

Magic Tape Samcro has good thickness tolerance, ensuring accuracy and precision in its use. With tight tolerance, this product provides consistent and reliable quality in various applications.

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