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PT. Samcro Hyosung Adilestari Tbk (ACRO) Shares Soared 34.25%, Almost Perfect

Shares of PT Samcro Hyosung Adilestari Tbk. (ACRO) was observed to open up 34.25% to IDR 145 on its first day officially listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) today, Thursday (11/1/2024). Based on data from the Indonesian Stock Exchange at 09.00 WIB, ACRO shares rose 34.25% to IDR 145 per share from the IPO price of IDR 108 per share. As of 09.01 WIB, ACRO continued to move up with an increase of 19.44% and was at IDR 129 per share. ACRO moves in the range of IDR 118-IDR 145 per share. A total of 41.16 million shares were transacted in 3,931 transactions with a total value of IDR 5.26 billion. Market capitalization was also recorded at IDR 447.52 billion. Based on the prospectus, ARCO is offering 693.82 million series A shares or a maximum of 20% of the issued and fully paid capital after the IPO with a nominal value of IDR 20 per share. ACRO set a public offering price at an upper limit of IDR 108 per share, as a result the fresh funds raised from this IPO celebration were a maximum of IDR 74.93 billion.